Dance Education

For Aspiring Professionals

FSPA’s Dance Education (DE) Program is a unique dance-centered academic program designed to prepare dancers for a thriving career in the dance industry.

DE is a full-time, 3-year professional academic program. FSPA has curated an intensive 6 semester experience that includes a combination of international-level technique-training, and theory courses for all-round conditioning, and leadership training for a holistic development of the students. Studio training includes developing foundational skills in Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz; and Theory courses in Dance History, Dance Production, Anatomy & Kinesiology, Business of Dance, and Entrepreneurship. 


Dancers will work with our internationally-trained core faculty at FSPA’s state-of-the-art studio facilities. Students will have access to FSPA’s network of reputed dance studios across India, and get real-time exposure to the dance industry through our apprenticeship program.

Core Program Modules

Technique Training

Core Modules

Ballet (Level 1-3)
Contemporary (Level 1-3)
Jazz (Level 1-3)

Supporting Modules

Improvisation I
Improvisation II
Dance Composition I
Dance Composition II


Hip Hop
Acting and/or Vocal
Theatre Dance


Introduction to Dance & Culture Dance History I
Dance History II
Understanding Dance Education
Dance Analysis & Criticism
Dance Production
Dance Composition I 
Dance Composition II
Body Conditioning
Healthy Dance Life
Dance Anatomy & Kinesiology
Dance Pedagogy

Professional Development

Entrepreneurship 101
Being a Dance Professional
Marketing the Artist
Business of Dance
External Speaker Sessions

Mentorship Program
Apprenticeship Program
Final Year Dance Performance

The DE Program is one of the first ever dance-focussed holistic academic training for dancers in India.


FSPA prepares students with the best resources and knowledge to have a successful future in dance and dance-related fields.

Strong foundational training
across dance forms

FSPA’s Dance Education Diploma is a one-of-a-kind program providing international-level training for over six dance forms. While the studio training is centred around strengthening foundation skills in Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz, dancers also have access to specialised training in Bollywood, Hip Hop, and traditional Theater performance. 

Training and mentorship with 
internationally trained faculty

FSPA is one of the few schools that offers high-quality, industry-relevant training under the guidance of experienced internationally trained faculty. Students have one-on-one sessions with FSPA’s core faculty for mentorship and individualised support throughout the course of the program. 

Access to FSPA’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities

FSPA is known for its industry-leading infrastructure for dancers. The 5000 sqft space boasts four fully equipped noise cancelling studios with sprung floors. Dance groups across the country have come to train at the school’s facilities. Students have unrestricted access to the resources and facilities offered at FSPA through the year.

Exposure to theoretical knowledge of dance and the modern age dance eco-system

The DE Program has a robust set of theoretical courses equiping dancers with core knowledge of the artform. Courses span from Dance History, to Dance Pedagogy & Composition. The program has carefully curated a syllabus that allows dancers to be exposed to the entire eco-system of dance including health, nutrition, production and kinesiology. 

Full access to FSPA’s network for collaboration and career opportunities in the dance industry

Students get direct access to FSPA’s wide network of talent, dance studios and artists across the country. The program offers networking opportunities through its speaker sessions, apprenticeship programs and student performance showcases. Specialised courses in entrepreneurship and  dance-business prepare students with the essential knowledge and tools to build a long-term successful career in dance.

Leadership training to build students into successful Entrepreneurs

FSPA has curated modules focussed around the personal development of the artist beyond dance. The modules range from Entrepreneurship 101 training, to classes in business management and marketing in the dance industry. Through these modules students are prepared with the tools and knowledge to be innovative leaders and successful entrepreneurs. 

Tanvi Karekar:
What I really like about FSPA is that it's not just focussing on making strong dancers but smart dancers. It focusses on creating safe and long term careers in dance, which is something that is really important for me.

Tanvi Karekar is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. She wanted exposure in other forms of dance, and wants to build a career in Ballet. Having no previous background in Western Classical Dance, Tanvi worked hard to adapt to this form. The Program helped her build a foundation in technique and practice. 

Amit Yadav:
I want to open my own dance studio to push authentic work in dance, which I am getting exposed to at FSPA. I was blown away by the type of foundational training that the program gave me. I now feel more prepared with entrepreneurial learnings - how to think of the space, how to hire and train, how to take ownership.

Amit came with experience in acrobatics and street hip hop. He wanted to pursue dance professionally. The program helped him push his body beyond his comfort zone and prepare him as a versatile dancer. Amit wants to open his own business in the dance space. 

2020 Cohort Early Application Deadline: Dec 10